About us

The Institute of Nutrition and Food Technology Dr. Fernando Mönckeberg Barros (INTA) is an interdisciplinary body of the University of Chile. Its beginnings date back to 1954, followed by 20 years of institutional development. In 1976, it became an institute dependent on the Governing Body of the University. INTA´s research aims to investigate nutrition throughout the lifespan, factors affecting food production and security, and foods' nutritional effects, at the individual and population level.

We aim to be a national and international leader in transdisciplinary research in nutrition and food through the development of scientific knowledge that promotes the population's well-being, in accordance with the changing and global environment challenges.

By conducting scientific research of excellence, we promote transdisciplinary knowledge generation, the development of advanced human capital, and knowledge transfer and sharing. Accordingly, we contribute to optimal nutrition, health, and quality of life of the Chilean and Latin American population.